How to work Flying Toasters on Windows 7 (2)

In  “How to work Flying Toasters on Windows 7 (1)”, I have shown a method to install After Dark Screensaver on a recent Windows PC. In this article, I will demonstrate a procedure for enabling  to change setting of Flying Toasters.

**  I installed Japanese version of Flying Toasters on Japanese Windows 7. So the following procedure may be slightly different in the case of other language versions.

If you click “Settings” button of screen saver window  after the installation, …


then you will see “After Dark setting” window like the figure below. But nothing occurs even though you click “Yes” button. Because there is no actual setting window for After Dark.

Now, comparing installed registry file (C:\Program Files\After Dark\After Dark.reg) and actual registries, you will see an unregistered registry key exists.

This figure is a file content of After Dark.reg.


Above highlighted registry key does not exist. The key does not seem to be registered in the process of the installation though I don’t know the reason.


So we try to register the key again. Copy the corresponding part of After Dark.reg and create a new file like following figure. Extension of the file should be .reg. Any file name is allowed.


Double-click the created file, and you will see the missing registry key has been registered.


Then, clicking “Advanced settings” of “Screen Resolution”, …


actual After Dark settings emerged on “After Dark” tab!


This is not a perfect solution because we still cannot move to this tab from the “After Dark settings” window.
But now, you can not only change setting parameters of Flying Toasters, but of all “After Dark 4.0” screensaver.

Enjoy Flying Toasters as much as you want on a recent Windows PC with large screen!



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  1. Levi Paradis より:

    I am having trouble making this work on windows 10? Do I edit a different registry?

    • 管理者 より:

      I don’t know because OS of my PC is still Windows 7. After upgrading OS to Windows 10 (in July), perhaps I will try it.