How to work Flying Toasters on Windows 7 (1)

“Flying Toasters” is a classic screen saver released in 1990s. The software is for Windows 95 and cannot even install on the latest version of Windows. I will show you a method of working Flying Toasters on a Windows 7 PC.

**  I installed Japanese version of Flying Toasters on Japanese Windows 7. So the following procedure may be slightly different in the case of other language versions.

Items to be prepared: a CD of “After Dark 4.0”.
You may get the CD from auction sites like eBay. Be sure you get a install key.

Find “SETUP.EXE” in the CD.  Change the compatibility mode of “SETUP.EXE” to Windows 95.


Execute “SETUP.EXE” to start setup wizard.


Input a installtion path you like.


Select setup option.  “Standard” is recommended.


A fractal-like image in the window is beautiful. Click “Finish”.


An error may occur. I suppose the calculation of residual disk capacity might have trouble. Click “Yes” to continue.


An inquiry dialog occurs whether you install “After Dark Online” or not. Select “Yes” if you want to install it. I have not checked the work of “After Dark Online” on Windows 7.


After reboot, the installation finishes. But the name of the screen saver shows “Unable to load selected module”.


Modify the binary code of the executable file to change this unstylish screen saver name, though it is not essential solution.
From a binary editor, open “After Dark.scr” in the system folder of “c:\Windows\System32”. Find the part in which character code of  “Unable to load …” exists.
** The below figure highlights the “Unable to load …” part of Japanese language. But you see the English part of that in the middle of the figure.


Change this part to character code of “After Dark”  on every other byte. Fill spaces (0x20) on every other byte in the residual part. See the below figure.
** The below figure highlights the change of the Japanese part.  You should change the English part in the case of English version.


The screen saver name is corrected.


Click “Preview”, then you will see “Flying Toaster” launches.


But it is not sufficient, because you can not modify the setting like the number of toasters and so on.
I will show you the method at the next opportunity.

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